Chapter 3 – Big Brother

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Tan Feiyang sorted through his past memories. Because his body and soul still slightly did not somewhat match, recalling things was difficult. However, this situation weakened the longer it had been since he became Tan Feiyang, finally gradually disappearing. Now if he wanted to recall the original body’s memories, it was very easy for him.

As he recalled his past life as if it were a movie, Tan Feiyang’s entire being felt crushed. Those past days could only be described with one word – wealth, wealth, wealth!

The impoverished Cheng Mingyi was completely incapable of imagining this sort of life which Tan Feiyang had entirely regarded as nothing worth looking at.

But the current Tan Feiyang had no concern for those past luxurious days. Even if he was given that much money, he also wouldn’t go to do the kinds of things that wasted money and destroyed himself. Quickly brushing aside those days of playing around all the time, Tan Feiyang only paid attention to one thing, which was: How much money he currently had in his account!

However, when he thought about it clearly later, he was completely astonished.

It wasn’t that he had too much money. Rather, he had no idea how much money he had!

The money in his account was really changing all the time. It was simply impossible to calculate one, two, three, or four. He could only roughly estimate that the bonds, stocks, funds, and liquid assets in his hands should be several hundreds of millions. But how much the specific amount ought to be, except for the “pocket money” deposited in the bank account that he could see contained tens of millions of dollars, the rest was changing! As for the value of his own shares in the Tan clan, that couldn’t just be forgotten. The Tan clan’s market value was in the hundreds of billions, and he had 10% of the shares in his hand……

This, person, really, was, the, greatest, gold, lord!

This sentence was like a viral pop-up advertisement in Tan Feiyang’s brain, constantly flashing and couldn’t be dismissed at all. After a lifetime of poverty, Cheng Mingyi finally got more than one million yuan from the demolition repayment for his old house. He was forever unable to imagine that one day he would unexpectedly be this rich!

Don’t mention the Tan clan’s influence; Tan Feiyang could even set up his own studio with the money he had on hand, or he could help Jian Ningzhe by giving him the resources to advance. If all his assets on hand were converted into cash, he could entirely and directly let Jian Ningzhe shoot a high investment film. Currently, the top domestically produced movies cost two or three billion yuan. If he sold his shares, Jian Ningzhe could shoot hundreds of large investment movies! He could let Fifth Brother film however he wanted to film!

Tan Feiyang excitedly danced around in the room. He had not learned this kind of coquettish dance before. In Cheng Mingyi’s eyes, there was only working for money. How could he waste time learning this sort of hobby? This was a skill all learned by someone who had no worries in life. However, this seemed to be his body’s own skills, as Tan Feiyang twisted and twisted, dancing to a beat with moves filled with rhythm, even though there was no music.

“You can’t even be good for a little bit?” A calm voice mixed with anger came from the door.

Hearing this voice, Tan Feiyang froze on conditioned reflex. A moment ago, he was still swinging his hips flexibly. Now, it was as if they turned rusty. Even when he turned around, the entire movement looked incomparably stiff, and his bones seemed to groan and make a “creak, creak” sound.

“Big, big brother,” Tan Feiyang said timidly as he turned to face the tall man standing and leaning by the door.

Tan Feiyang was afraid of Tan Feiyu. This was probably a long since deeply-rooted instinct. This was the most basic survival instinct of living creatures, just like wanting to eat when hungry, to drink water when thirsty, and to sleep when sleepy.

Tan Feiyu coldly swept a glance at the broken glass and held his hand out toward Tan Feiyang. In the palm of his hand laid the demolished phone that had been hurled downstairs.

“Still angry?” Tan Feiyu walked toward Tan Feiyang. As he approached, the oppression Tan Feiyang felt grew stronger and stronger. Tan Feiyang couldn’t help forcefully swallowing his saliva, but because of his dry mouth, there was simply no saliva to swallow at all. His Adam’s apple just vigorously bobbed once.

Tan Feiyu sat on the sofa, his eyes hooded, and he ordered, “Come here.”

Tan Feiyang, who had already failed to live up to his expectations, went over, and sat with only half his butt on the sofa, as he did not dare to really sit down.

“Shouting and yelling so loudly in your room, even throwing your phone; it seems that you’ve recovered well.” Tan Feiyu reached out to stroke his younger brother’s head, and his hand was pricked by the stiff hair.

“I, I, I, I, I feel that I’m still very weak now. I need more rest and shouldn’t go out,” Tan Feiyang stammered.

The reason for this stuttering appearance was that, first, Tan Feiyang, in this body, felt guilty facing his close relative, and second, the respect for his brother was engraved in his bones. Tan Feiyu was the pillar of the Tan clan and also the person who disciplined Tan Feiyang the most from childhood. Tan Feiyu easily disregarded Tan Feiyang’s actions, but once he personally took action, it became something etched in one’s memory. This time, Tan Feiyang got himself seriously ill. Naturally, Tan Feiyu was eager to tie up Tan Feiyang in the house and not let him go anywhere. He only had this one brother. Not only had he been led astray by a group of ignorant and incompetent hoodlums, he also took drugs! Fortunately, he only took stimulants. If he had touched narcotics, he would have been done for!

Remembering the day Tan Feiyang, who was on top of a stretcher, kept foaming at the mouth, his face and pallor like that of a dead person, Tan Feiyu was traumatized. After that happened, he shut Tan Feiyang inside the house and refused to let him leave. Feiyang probably also might have felt that this time he had run into great danger. These days, he had always been obediently staying inside the house, until today when his health recovered, only then did he make noise and showed some movement.

“You can go out.” Tan Feiyu took in a deep breath and wanted to press down the anger in his heart. However, to teach his brother a lesson, he would not suppress his rage so he could be ruthless. “But if you dare to join Lin Yuanhang and his group again, I guarantee that I’ll break your legs so that you’ll never have the chance to live a free and easy life outside again.”

Tan Feiyang was struck with a shiver. His childhood memories of his parents had already become very fuzzy. He had lived up to now practically without someone to look after him. Now he was being high-handedly controlled like this by someone, but unexpectedly… he felt a little happy.

So, confronted by Tan Feiyu’s cold face, Tan Feiyang unexpectedly showed a very warm smile instead of the flattering smile he would show in the past. “Big brother, I’ll listen to you. Actually…… the reason why I smashed my phone wasn’t because I wanted to go out and play. It was because I saw Lin Yuanhang calling me, and I couldn’t help but get angry.”

“Aren’t you and Lin Yuanhang good friends? How were you angered like that by him?” Tan Feiyu knew his younger brother very well, and a flash of suspicion passed in his eyes.

Tan Feiyang naturally did not notice the emotion in his brother’s eyes and explained, “Big brother…… that day, it seemed like I really died. In the beginning, I could still hear sounds outside, but later I couldn’t hear anything. Before my eyes, there was a vast plain of whiteness. There were two people waving to me within bright lights, as if they were dad and mom.”

He did not lie at all. On the day of the car accident, what he saw was precisely a pair of entirely bright shapes, but in that moment when his parents touched his hands, they had pushed him out. When he woke up again, he had changed from Cheng Mingyi to Tan Feiyang.

Now he told Tan Feiyu about this matter, because he was afraid that his acting wasn’t good and would provoke his big brother’s suspicion. Between life and death, it made sense that one’s temperament would also somewhat change.

“What you saw were the lights in the operating room and the doctors who were resuscitating your heart.” Tan Feiyu’s tone was calm, but there was a trace of insistence in his words. He forbade Tan Feiyang from ruminating on the matters of that time. Regardless of whether it was really the operating light or not, he said it was the light, so it was definitely the light.

“En, en. It must have been the lights and the stimulants which made me hallucinate.” Tan Feiyang repeatedly nodded. “But that day I really did feel very uncomfortable, and these days I’ve always been especially unwell. Of all people, Lin Yuanhang called to ask me to go out. He was absolutely unconcerned about whether or not that I had almost died, so as soon as I heard, I got angry and just threw away my phone.”

“Oh?” Tan Feiyu’s complexion became slightly better. He also reached out and rubbed his head. This time, contrary to what he expected, he even actually felt that Tan Feiyang’s hair was soft and smooth.

“Yes!” Tan Feiyang nodded, his entire appearance looking like an obedient baby listening to his big brother’s words. “So in the future, I don’t want to go out to fool around. I decided to do something meaningful!”

“Good!” Tan Feiyu agreed very bluntly. “In a few days, when your health is better, I’ll arrange a position for you in the company. You studied administrative management abroad, right? Let me see……”

“No, no, no.” Tan Feiyang shook his head like a rattle drum. He was a junior high school graduate. What kind of administrative management could he do? Tan Feiyang himself was also an idiot, ah. He couldn’t learn it at all!

“Big brother, I…… Because of how I got that diploma, you also know that it doesn’t count. That…… I remember that under the Tan family there’s an entertainment company called Yuyang. You know me…… only there am I able to do something.” Tan Feiyang tactfully pointed out his own goal. He doesn’t need to set up his own studio at all. The Tan family already had companies in that industry, ah!

That was right, he was precisely this rich now! He would certainly be able to help Fifth Brother reach the top during his life!

Who knew that this sentence actually made Tan Feiyu’s expression, which had turned a bit better, sink again. “Which little star did you take a fancy to and wanted to cultivate in the company?”

“The entertainment industry is too messy. Even if you want a girlfriend, you shouldn’t have looked for a girlfriend from that industry. I don’t necessarily insist on her family having the same background as ours. I just ask that she at least have a clean background, so that in the future, if you want to break up, it’ll be easy to avoid being used or getting a stain you can’t get rid of,” Tan Feiyu flatly refused.

Big brother, your three views seem to be a little wrong. Why do we have to even consider the issue of dumping this girlfriend after dating her? Such a beautiful thing as a wife, don’t tell me that you aren’t supposed to provide for your wife? Do you know how difficult it is for migrant workers to find a wife?

Former migrant worker · can’t get a girlfriend · has no car, no house · can’t pay off the two loans · Tan Feiyang, hearing Tan Feiyu’s point of view, did not feel good.

“Big brother, I haven’t fallen for a celebrity. I’m, I’m…” Tan Feiyang, who was rejected, did not know what was good to say. After stuttering for a long time, only then did he say, “I just want to find something to do with myself, ma. What do you think?”

What Tan Feiyang meant was, I want to use my money to invest a bit. Big brother, don’t turn your back on me, this wastrel. As a result, Tan Feiyu seemed to have misunderstood his meaning. Instead, after a bit of thinking, he said, “So this is why you were dancing just now? Indeed, your dancing looked better than that of some little celebrities.”

“So you want to go to the entertainment industry to have fun for two years…” Tan Feiyu’s fingers tapped twice on the sofa. He nodded and said, “Alright.”

Rather than let him fool around with those hedonistic sons of rich parents and torment his already injured body, it actually would be better to find something a bit more suitable for him to do. Although the entertainment industry was chaotic, he would, after all, be in their own company, so there were trustworthy agents, assistants, and other people to help him watch over Feiyang. In the past, Tan Feiyang had hated others following him the most. Now he would enter the entertainment industry, so he had to have an assistant to take care of him.

After analyzing the pros and cons, he found that it was better to keep his younger brother in front of his eyes and plant someone to watch and supervise him 24/7. It was really better than letting him go out to street race, take drugs, get drunk, gamble, or take part in even more unsavory matters.

Big brother, I want to be a gold lord, not enter the entertainment circle. Do you think I can enter the entertainment industry like this!

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So, remember how Tan Feiyang had hurled his phone out the “window”? We originally thought Tan Feiyang had thrown his phone against a glass table, except when I was working on this chapter, I came across the part where Tan Feiyu comes into Tan Feiyang’s room with the broken phone in his hand. That means he had picked it up OUTSIDE of Tan Feiyang’s room. So it couldn’t have been a glass table. Tan Feiyang yeeted his phone out a window and shattered it.

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